Eid 2k18

Eid is that time of the year where everyone gets together and has a blast and a cheer. Unfortunately, these were the only few pictures I could take but other than that. There were many others things that I did. Eid began with prayers. Sadly this was a tad bit different because it started to … Continue reading Eid 2k18


Something to reflect about

How many of us just like to take long walks and enjoy the free spirit of nature? Doesn’t it make you forget that there is a life outside the woods? Or doesn’t it make you feel lighthearted and happy without any impulses? Have you ever thought why nature makes us feel the way it does; … Continue reading Something to reflect about

The maladaptive daydreamer

It was a time in his life where things were changing, it felt somewhat surreal as he opened his eyes. He could feel the entire world moving with him, it felt horrible and yet tragic. He was living off an edge of a cliff without realizing what was in store for him. He felt himself … Continue reading The maladaptive daydreamer